1、Zaozhuang Huarun Paoer Co., Ltd.was established on Oct.22,1998。

2、No.1 machine was succeeded in producing gypsum board paper when started in June,1999。

3、No.2 machine was succeeded in producing high grade gypsum board paper when started April,2001。

4、The gypsum board paper and the white top paper was appraised as China high quality product and also approved to access to European market by French TQSC in April 2002。

5、Our company invested 47 million RMB to build a water treating plant with capacity of 18000m3/day。

6.No.3 Production line was succeeded put into production started June 2003.

7.Our company also bulit self-support power plant on the year 2003.

8.Our No.4 production line will put into production on June 2012, totally capacity of gypsum board paper / plaster board liner will be get 400 thousand tons per year.


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