President: Mr.Zhang Hui

    We have top-grade products, perfect service, excellent staff, wide prospect and bright enterprise culture.
    Practice makes perfect. Diligence enables each post and collective throb. We take Huarun as home and our post as career. Huanrun people should keep the pioneering hardships and enterprising efforts in mind and practise in work.
    Being united and harmonious, many a little makes a mickle. Huarun is our home and development relies on all of us.
    Exploitation is hope of Huarun. No exploitation, no development and no national brand. Enterprising is ambition of Huarun people, which retains youth and energy of Huarun people.
    Huarun puruses brilliance in the past and also in the future. Let’s make efforts together to forge better and stronger centurial brand of Huarun.
    We are deeply convinced that "internal culture and external market" is the existing and development foundation of the enterprise. It’s our interminable pursuit to construct the cultural foundation of an enterprise, to create market network and sincerely serve each client, which supplement each other and drive constant progress of our causes.
    Our future relies on all of us.
    At the starting point of the century, Huarun people should heavy responsibilities. "Redeveloping the paper making civilization in China and creating lifelong Huarun paper industry" is our persistent goal.
    Clients are our friends for ever. We’d like to create wonderful life together with all friends.
    We hope to make contributions to redeveloping Chinese paper making civilization. We’ll create a new world of environmental protective construction materials and pollution-free packaging. We wish you better life in the 21 century!

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